Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Timo Smuts
Timo Smuts Today, 18:45
Comparing Orban to those others is why Oliver is inane.
fredocarroll Today, 18:40
Excellent piece, even though it missed two of my favorite facts about GB:#1. He became dictator after serving as the personal dentist to the former psycho-in-chief, Saparmurat Niyazov (aka Turkmenbashi, "Father of all Turkmen"). #2. Nobody can agree on how to spell his name. Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, Berdymukhammedov, Berdimuhamedow, and Berdimuhamedov are all seen, because it's generally double-transcribed from Turkmen into Cyrillic Russian, and then into the Latin alphabet.#3. Less fun fact: Turkmenistan is one of the only countries in the world to score a perfectly awful 7.0 on Freedom House's score of civil and political rights. In fact, they rate it as being in a three-way tie for second-most unfree country on Earth (tied with South Sudan and Eritrea, but behind Syria). It scores worse than North Korea. An "oil kleptocracy" is how FH describes Turkmenistan.
PompiTube Today, 18:22
Pedowood late night rape show.
Eduardo Garrido
Eduardo Garrido Today, 18:08
3200 people from Turkmenistan didn't enjoy this xD
Accessfm Today, 17:51
Not buying Guinness book of records anymore.
xamanto Today, 17:45
Does he have anything to say about Epstein?
Siddharth Bhol
Siddharth Bhol Today, 17:35
Love your representation skills. But I have a request to do such on world wide issues (as this one!), as majority of your shows are based on USA related issues.
Eashrak Zubair
Eashrak Zubair Today, 17:05
This was literally the best episode EVERRR 🍰
Guru Prashanth
Guru Prashanth Today, 16:39
Here after drew binsky's videos. Lol
MrBreaknet Today, 16:29
Sometimes, I have the feeling that John Oliver is the last rampart of democracy against worldwide authoritarianism.
Mikko Rintasaari
Mikko Rintasaari Today, 16:15
Good stuff :)
Andrew White
Andrew White Today, 15:53
Angela Merkel loves destroying Europe !!!!
Andrew White
Andrew White Today, 15:52
They are as weird as the British royal family except the British royal family can keep up appearances a lot better
GHustle4 Today, 15:22
I wouldn't be surprised if Oliver has to walk around with bodyguards...
sposs90 Today, 15:18
All this work only to pronounce his name wrong. After Berdy, you can see there is a variant of Mohammed in there, then the suffix 'ov' at the end. The accent is on the 'med'. Birdie-Mukh (sorta like loch)- Ahhhh- MED- off. Try again, bird boy.
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis Today, 14:56
Hearing the translator marvel :40 about how “Dear Leader” is so adept at pointlessly driving a slow SUV a totally safe distance away from a fire pit handling a powerful off-road car near a dangerous fire pit, is every bit as embarrassing and pathetic as watching members of the Trump Personality Cult twist themselves into pretzel knots applauding his failure, marveling at his banality and crediting him with everything he didn’t doIt’s like they compete daily to see who can get their tongue the furthest into Dear Leader’s rectum
Poring Littlefoot
Poring Littlefoot Today, 14:38
Lmao @ 6:30 in the morning, I should go to sleep...
Stbs Abs
Stbs Abs Today, 14:09
These things are horrible to happen still in 2019
TheGerm24 Today, 13:45
"That's how they make more horses!" Glad we have a new version of the birds and the bees talk.
Alan Castaneda
Alan Castaneda Today, 13:08
Compared to the dictators throughout history, he sounds tame. His obsessions are horses, records, and a meek appearance of machismo; not war, genocide, and mass brutal incarceration. Though, I do not know much of him and the country's history, sounds tame in respect to historical and some current dictators. Also, a wasted episode. Why not an episode on California's fresh water depletion?
neha jha
neha jha Today, 13:01
John Oliver, using one big business daddy's money to piss off another business daddies! "This Business baby wanks hard, weweeeee, don't try and rub my belly I won't be settled. weweeeeee".
Douglas Lund
Douglas Lund Today, 12:45
You missed George Bush and Donald Trump and Theresa May etc etc
CD Sutton
CD Sutton Today, 12:36
No sound?
chitrasena pradhan
chitrasena pradhan Today, 11:32
Next week on Jammu and Kashmir.
Divas Grover
Divas Grover Today, 10:50
my favorite ep yet.
Tamayo.F.J.1976 Today, 10:36
I just don't know what's going to top this episode xD
Avril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia Hernandez
Avril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia Hernandez Today, 10:08
I love this guy so much! I only went to see the lion king for him LOL
Nathan Bonnell
Nathan Bonnell Today, 09:37
Talk in your next episode about how Joe Exotic went to prison!
Jack Denny
Jack Denny Today, 07:42
I tried reading that title and my bed started floating
jose almeida
jose almeida Today, 07:39
so. you made a whole program dedicated to tell the people that the president of a foregner country is a terrible man because he likes horses and sing. meanwhile the president of the USA kills how many people ? one bomb every 12 minutes... how futile is this program? typical MSM brainwash.
samlerf Today, 07:37
You are mostly good with balancing jokes with serious content. So what the fuck was that? Almost nothing but forced jokes. This show is okay, yet don't just take their word. Use your brain, do research. They fucked up on Jill Stein (source: Jimmy Dore show), Hillary Clinton (source: Secular Talk) AND on Venezuela (source: Empire Files).
Shiva Vidyesh
Shiva Vidyesh Today, 07:26
The fuc just happened ?
Rob Li
Rob Li Today, 07:22
I want that cake and the fork ............................... LOL
jax1492 Today, 07:03
Fuck trump and Guinness records
Rob Li
Rob Li Today, 06:54
After laughing my ass off and John Oliver actually going through with the cake. I subscribed. LOL
SlipShod Bones
SlipShod Bones Today, 06:34
You can't help but love this show. Damn you John Oliver that was f*cking brilliant.
sl0wh4nd81 Today, 06:28
Yeah it is easy to confuse it with Taylir Swift new boyfriend..
Jubscleito 76973938•
Jubscleito 76973938• Today, 06:20
You’re a fucking genius John Oliver
Kobba James
Kobba James Today, 06:18
John Oliver, I love you. There I said it.
StasherDragon Today, 06:13
This video had more twists and turns than Wild Things.
bheku Today, 06:03
God Damn! God Damn! The world we live in today... crazy!! haha
Someone Special
Someone Special Today, 05:41
Keshav Ramesh
Keshav Ramesh Today, 05:02
This is definitely up there as one of the best John Oliver segments in history......
Andrew Hershberger
Andrew Hershberger Today, 05:00
That Saudia Arabian prince did mouth "I like that." so that's quite impressed for a Prince.
Paul Medlicott
Paul Medlicott Today, 04:50
Great! Now I’m sad I don’t have cake!
Anis Today, 04:42
The ending !! One of the best.
raffi art
raffi art Today, 04:03
This was amazing He destroyed that idiot
Bucci Jones
Bucci Jones Today, 03:55
Okay I gotta give it up... Old man can spit some bars! I've yet to see Justin Trudeau breaking out some Hip Hop
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Today, 03:22
i love this guy! i wish more people had the balls to tell it like it really is and have so much fun trying to piss off the people and companies they do. thank you mr oliver.
Monika Wernli
Monika Wernli Today, 03:20
I hate to say this, but they have beauty contests for horses in the US, too, they are called horse showmanship or halter classes ;-)