Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

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alagra19 Today, 17:15
Did anyone else die with the Jussie S comment!? Cinpletelt caught me off guard.
keir farnum
keir farnum Today, 16:58
If I were a guard in a jail where Epstein was being held, I’d be far too scared to even think about falling asleep. I’d be far too worried about some super assassin getting into the jail to off him. The idea that the guards fell asleep is fishy in itself.
COKE Today, 16:45
Epstein is alive.
Collin Ferguson
Collin Ferguson Today, 16:00
Brilliant, Trevor! Of course, we Americans DO NOT invest in our infrastructure, schools, clinics, law enforcement, and prisons. All across the board, our social programs are suffering from budget cuts, and MCC is experiencing an inexcusable shortfall. Gut check for America: do you want your country to work right? Well, consider that paying 33% of your income in taxes may not be enough.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Today, 15:02
Started good then they did their thing
doll jetson
doll jetson Today, 11:34
Thank you lol I was waiting g for his trail I think they should go through NBA and file some charges on because son Of sam is rapes
Axis Today, 09:36
And where the fuck is jew boy Harvey Weinstein hiding?
Axis Today, 09:33
Donald Trump was a casual friend nothing more and even had Epstein BANNED from Mar-A-Lago for sexually assaulting one of the staff. This is common knowledge. The documents for this are easily available anywhere on line. Don't believe this brown nosing Zionist cocksucker that is Trevor Noah. And no one on the left said "Trump did it" ass clown.
Axis Today, 09:28
"Prison problem" hahahahahaha no bagel boy, it's a Jewish problem.....
rayray cheung
rayray cheung Today, 08:22
Can u guess why such a billionaire would choose to commit suicide?If he really committed suicide himself
Dragondw11 Today, 08:12
This video took a real 180 near the end after saying Epstein might have been murdered at the beginning.
Acosta Nilsa
Acosta Nilsa Today, 07:00
He can be in Thailand, Some Others Islands, ECT,. This guy is more alive than you and I. Living La Vida Loca!!!!!!!!!!Abusing, rapping and who knows what others perverse shit his still doing. People where is the body? When was the funeral and burial.......
Zicky iXeek
Zicky iXeek Today, 05:22
okay man, i've seen few episodes of your show where you referenced alot, i like it.....up 9ja
Chantal Noisin
Chantal Noisin Today, 04:33
Epstein is not the only one who knows who the high profile people are. But now that he’s been assassinated, it will discourage the others from spilling the beans. I’m sure that Epstein has videos & photos hidden somewhere
Dav A
Dav A Today, 04:21
It's also conceivable that Epstein was a victim himself. Think about it, what if woman were using him because he had a lot of money. So he went along with it because he liked the attention etc. Then he got set up to take the fall and the people who set him up stood to win everything.
Anthony Colon
Anthony Colon Today, 04:19
How did this become about Trump? Democrats are idiots
Cody Miller
Cody Miller Today, 03:45
Careful Trevor, you might get suicided
Sovereign Butterfly
Sovereign Butterfly Today, 01:38
Pride Integrity Guts Grave Yard or PIGGY as it's listed in Jeffrey Epsteins black book! Passive Icome Generator! I was courious who PIGGY was but it "appears" to be a subterranean subterfuged co-op not an actual individual --- who knows, perhaps it's a lottery? Matthew 8:31"And the demons begged him, saying, “If you cast us out, send us away into the herd of pigs.”
urbanned mov
urbanned mov Today, 00:49
Trevor child raping talmudic "Noah" and his mossad goon squad of Zio Central have no right to comment on this psyop hoax fact Epstein isn't deadHe is ALIVE AND WELL AND IN ISRAEL
DeBorah L Pollitt
DeBorah L Pollitt Today, 00:27
Captain Combover's M.O. is to retweet unsubstantiated tweets that feed his base. If Jim Jones has stirred as much Koolaid as Trump wpiuld any Americans be alive?
Jon Byron
Jon Byron Today, 00:02
Eshdh Hdhd
Eshdh Hdhd Yesterday, 23:43
Dude you answered your own question. Wtf makes you think a man who has ties to men of power will survive in prison? These niggas killed his ass and made it look like a suicide. They didn't want to take any chances.
Pkmn Go
Pkmn Go Yesterday, 22:51
Dillinger R.
Dillinger R. Yesterday, 22:25
Good point
Dillinger R.
Dillinger R. Yesterday, 22:21
I was in one of those cells in the SHU there at MCC in 2008, and there is no way to hang yourself in one of those cells... I would say impossible!
AnnMarie Ofori-Shaw
AnnMarie Ofori-Shaw Yesterday, 21:56
Trvor!Something sound fishy!
WeDontThink Yesterday, 21:47
I think it was Trump's fault. He did something somehow I bet.
Daddy N Daughter
Daddy N Daughter Yesterday, 21:46
Epstein is in Israel
Daddy N Daughter
Daddy N Daughter Yesterday, 21:45
Noah is a shill
Max Yesterday, 21:21
A voice of actual reason, holy shit America... oh yeah, he's not from America originally, makes perfect sense now. lol.. American = usually a dumb bitch, but sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Faye Toliver
Faye Toliver Yesterday, 21:17
And this time he doesn't go to jail at all...he vanishes...cause he's not dead.🤔
Sylvia King
Sylvia King Yesterday, 20:36
Brian j Nunez
Brian j Nunez Yesterday, 20:05
Anyone know if he wore a cock ring and condom
Brittney Todhunter
Brittney Todhunter Yesterday, 19:54
Why did the Clintons feel the necessity to declare Bill only traveled on the Lolita Express 4 times in his decades long friendship w Epstein, when various flight reports by multiple pilots, have it logged he flied 27 times.
Haris Haringa
Haris Haringa Yesterday, 19:41
On his way to [email protected]
aeg001 Yesterday, 19:37
His high profile peers knew his appetites. Allowing him to rat on them for some sort of plea deal, well, no way that was going to become a thing. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did.
Ferris Davison
Ferris Davison Yesterday, 19:33
I don’t thinks he’s dead at all
John Doe
John Doe Yesterday, 19:26
Something that NO ONE is saying is that if he really wanted to commit suicide surely someone of his wealth and means would have been tipped off to his impending arrest. If he wanted to go so bad he would have done so before his arrest. The suicide is FAKE NEWS!
karen stauffer
karen stauffer Yesterday, 19:22
People this rich always figure to buy their way out when the furor dies down.
Stephanie Avebury
Stephanie Avebury Yesterday, 17:59
Epstein can still snitch. His entire investment business was a cover for blackmail. He had a lot of evidence and there is no one with the standing to challenge any evidence found in the searches of his property. Epstein can still snitch, if the feds want to take these crimes seriously.
Melissa Jensen
Melissa Jensen Yesterday, 17:32
He was Clintoned.
Think Logically
Think Logically Yesterday, 17:31
Right after the Mueller Report was released & no one on Earth had time to read the whole thing, AG TRAITOR Bill Barr RUSHED to the microphone to LIE that there was nothing in it pointing to the guilt of PUTIN-OWNED Traitor Trump or other PUTIN-OWNED Republicans - although there is tons of evidence pointing right at them.NOW AG TRAITOR Bill Barr RUSHES to the microphone to LIE that it was suicide before the autopsy was even conducted & oh, yeah, then the doctor comes out & LIES that is was.THREATS ARE COMMON IN DICTATORSHIPS.
sullivancountydays Yesterday, 15:40
Thanks Trevor he took the rady way lut!
Virgil Pine
Virgil Pine Yesterday, 15:28
Leave it up to Trevor Noah [mainstream media hack] to end on a dismissive note claiming that maybe the "suicide" wasn't a conspiracy after all. God Forbid that he mention the big pink elephant in the middle of the room, the MOSSAD, or that he mention even in jest that all of Epstein's associates had ties to Israel includng that woman Ghislaine Maxwell, who's late father was a famous spy for the MOSSAD and who somehow, inexplicably, has not been detained.
Jimmy Johns
Jimmy Johns Yesterday, 14:24
It’s murder not Conspiracy
Gabriel Diggs
Gabriel Diggs Yesterday, 13:27
I just want to see the body along with a DNA confirmation. Ultimately we've got to get busy living our own best lives as this particular matter is out of our hands. Make sure to VOTE November 2020. 🇺🇸🌊🗽
Joe Yesterday, 13:20
Leave it to NY to screw it up
Haymaker ubettalookout
Haymaker ubettalookout Yesterday, 11:18
Nobody cares about this gay,pedefile... im glad he is dead
PART TIME PREPPERS Yesterday, 10:58
The conspiracy theory is that he offed himself!🤗
Diallo Djénéba
Diallo Djénéba Yesterday, 10:49
Why « conspiracy » is turned in ridiculous by the media !? Like when we start to talk about conspiracy see how they turned the word and the conspiracist into ridicule like : « I’m not a conspiracist 👀😅huh duh but...»