Wheel of Freestyle with Nicki Minaj

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Lite Omega Pkm
Lite Omega Pkm Today, 14:57
Someone can write the lyrics for Spanish viewers? Haha thanks
wolfe storm
wolfe storm Today, 13:39
Cardi B is cancelledt
Peleg Z
Peleg Z Today, 10:49
We want the FULL Song!!
Winston Rafael
Winston Rafael Today, 10:41
Cardi B could never
Devanaあだち Today, 10:16
I love her expression.
Jstn Hardin
Jstn Hardin Today, 09:11
Nicki is queen
Cj Live
Cj Live Today, 08:44
Dayzha Jade
Dayzha Jade Today, 08:39
All that practice when she grew up on the streets of New York lol, she is smart though to switch up her sound to stay relevant
01이래민 Today, 08:19
She never fails me.
Drew Alfano
Drew Alfano Today, 07:55
We need Cardi to do this!!!!
Fei-Fei Ross
Fei-Fei Ross Today, 07:29
that’s the megatron beat tho
Phentza Sejour
Phentza Sejour Today, 07:25
Elle est Trop génial
GOOGLETUBE Today, 07:11
Pathetic and awkward, and everybody is acting like it was good. Lol people are so fucking corny.
Kristina Lee
Kristina Lee Today, 07:02
queen periodddd
America The Best Thing Ever
America The Best Thing Ever Today, 06:32
I got actual chills 😮 Great job Niki, you are one to prove that anything is possible!
raymond belardo
raymond belardo Today, 05:48
Carti can’t even spell hexagon
IVY P Today, 05:09
Killed it I love her
KARO - CheckMate
KARO - CheckMate Today, 04:53
She sounded like tiffany from chucky when she said "a lil' bit. Kinda" in the beggining
Lyrics C
Lyrics C Today, 04:44
“At least I can say I wrote every rap I spit”
Imani Kyrah
Imani Kyrah Today, 04:20
I dont even like Nicki that much but she killed this
Miss Right
Miss Right Today, 03:48
Kirill Heart
Kirill Heart Today, 03:26
Her forms proove The universe constantly expands
Ariesella Alvarez
Ariesella Alvarez Today, 02:53
cardi could never
Mr. Motivation
Mr. Motivation Today, 02:11
Yall call this fire? Gdamn people are so simple now. Mediocre Monsters. Claim the weakest shit is awesome. No wonder the movies and tv have gone to shit.
hola hola
hola hola Today, 02:09
👏👏👏 Me saco el sombrero.
Mr. Motivation
Mr. Motivation Today, 02:09
Shes so cringe looking. FUXKING garbage.
Queen Chrissy
Queen Chrissy Today, 02:04
Yo she slayed that #QueenNicki😝😝
juicce tin90
juicce tin90 Today, 01:56
Val O
Val O Today, 01:44
Thats straight talent idk about yall
Brandy Rowe
Brandy Rowe Today, 01:24
Keep to letting others write for you. That was horrible
A Human
A Human Today, 00:42
She should make this a real song! I love it
Jikook's wedding planner
Jikook's wedding planner Yesterday, 23:27
When she get into it, she get into it. I also feel like the more nervous you are the more the outcome will be liked even if it's not that good, so low down on the confidence and up on the nervousness. She did well at that even if it was not conscious. She slayed! Especially them last lines was genius, I wouldn't have thought of that!
HarmonyNull Yesterday, 22:32
She Gots Talent.
K. K.
K. K. Yesterday, 22:27
Nicki please make a song out of it. I love it already !!!
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Yesterday, 21:49
Wait Cardi B is actually a really nice person.. wack
Aadrita Sengupta
Aadrita Sengupta Yesterday, 21:46
Who else love her hair style???
hello W0rld
hello W0rld Yesterday, 21:44
0:03 she sounds like marg from the Simpson’s
Anisha Courtney
Anisha Courtney Yesterday, 21:16
Would love to see cardi do this!! This is real talent vs a industry made thot
Jules Dow
Jules Dow Yesterday, 21:01
I like her music but her voice is 😣😬😖
lyric bug
lyric bug Yesterday, 20:52
ninki minjaj
Chelsea Corpuz
Chelsea Corpuz Yesterday, 20:18
She started grooving even before the beat started how did she know what the beat was going to be
Jason Yontz
Jason Yontz Yesterday, 19:34
I challenge you Nikki! Though, I feel bad about it. Like an 8th grader bullying a preschool student on the first day. Go back home and don't come back. Stay retarded... Just kidding Nikki, lets battle Ms Barbie Girl.
karlstein Yesterday, 19:28
Okay but why I wanted it to be an actual song
Doms 213
Doms 213 Yesterday, 19:26
She’s cute 🥰
Hannah Giron
Hannah Giron Yesterday, 18:53
The bitch knew what hexagon is. Stan!!!
Esam Andro
Esam Andro Yesterday, 18:14
Mad this is the first time seeing Nicki or hearing her outside of her songs and like award shows and whatnotShe's really cute and sweet
Bunuh Biawak
Bunuh Biawak Yesterday, 18:00
Cardi b is crying
Timothy McBiscuit
Timothy McBiscuit Yesterday, 18:00
GODDAMN! Nicki looking all kinds of Delicious 😍😍😍❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥
Doxford Perlas
Doxford Perlas Yesterday, 17:54
I'm selling Nicki's freestyle verse.1:33It costs one like.
Doxford Perlas
Doxford Perlas Yesterday, 17:49
these disikes coming from nicki's haters cause they know fucking know our bitch has motherfucking T A L E N T slay queen!