SuperM Teaches Ellen About 'Jopping'

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레몬푸딩 Today, 13:46
도대체 왜 생기자 마자 빌보드1위지..조작같은데....왜 외국인들은 도대체 왜...저렇게 좋아하는걸까...솔직히 나는 저렇게 바로뜨는 아이돌 보단 꾸준히 노력해서 좋은 실력이되서 인기 얻는 아이돌이 더 좋음 게다가...이수만은 자기 소속 아티스트가 자살했는데..갑자기 새로운 그룹을 만들어버리네;;
KO Doom
KO Doom Today, 13:19
So you mean to tell me that SuperM was 40 mins away from me... and I was unaware?
Sultry Heiress
Sultry Heiress Today, 13:07
'Are you all single?'Kai: thinking of that cute penguin inside the military.... 🐧💖🐻
Mitzi Mitzi
Mitzi Mitzi Today, 12:55
Neha Patel
Neha Patel Today, 12:46
Taemin is so cute 😍
yoong i
yoong i Today, 11:12
Taeyong: "Mom I'm on ELLEEEEEEEEN!!!!"Willie R: "BIGYAN NG JACKET" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ang cute ni Taeyong 😂
Kate Massey
Kate Massey Today, 11:05
2:17 the love between kai and taemin is adorable
Grace Wang
Grace Wang Today, 10:53
After BTS, SuperM??How I love to see when they're promoting abroad, Mark is in charge to speak <3<3<3 uri supertalented Markie! what a rare gem magnae~wowww Kai look so huge and tall here :OOseeing Kai and Taemin sit next to each other just like seeing brothers~
zack L
zack L Today, 10:17
I didn't know ten's English was so good
yumekos love
yumekos love Today, 09:36
Taeyong baby im so soft omg
a d a w t
a d a w t Today, 09:27
I saw this in the comments. (It’s not my idea)I would love their group name to be “MPire” ?
Chao Sweetie
Chao Sweetie Today, 07:40
This is the moment I realize my Bias is like 7 feet tall. Was Kai always that tall????
socute Today, 07:29
Taeyong is a mood hahahahaha
うど子 Today, 07:00
うど子 Today, 07:00
Levon Hayroyan
Levon Hayroyan Today, 06:53
Dam ellen flexing on us wit her outfits
MrDuckFlup/TROUBLEtimes Today, 06:40
3:52 Are you All Single?kai : uhhhhhh yes. (No)Lucas Ten Tayong : ... cough* ummhh yea we’re single. (Looks deeply silent to Kai)
фильмы ф
фильмы ф Today, 06:24
джоппинг дегенен баска тук тусынбедым
uculdotcom Today, 06:13
nobody:literally nobody:baekhyun:you can call me bacon
Mavela acuña
Mavela acuña Today, 05:30
Seng Xiong
Seng Xiong Today, 05:19
Awww. They gifted her something. Usually the host is gifting something. What a nice change. Great job, SuperM.
Brenda Gordon
Brenda Gordon Today, 03:34
Wait a minute, when did SuperM came out? I thought that it was BTS
Monica Bagtas
Monica Bagtas Today, 03:33
Ellen: are you all single?Kai: yesJennie: whaaaaat?
Mary Grace Monge
Mary Grace Monge Today, 03:25
Hahaha wow
Aurelia Liu
Aurelia Liu Today, 03:20
MoM iM On ELLEN!!!! 😝😆 Goals my dude....... GOALS. 😄😌
Aly Del Castillo
Aly Del Castillo Today, 02:51
Taemin AHHH ❤❤❤
Daeron Lee
Daeron Lee Today, 02:48
kai: so idji
Alex. Su D. Arslan
Alex. Su D. Arslan Today, 00:26
Ellen: "Are you all single?"Kai: sorry kyungie "Yeah single.." And 'Mpire' is really good 💕
Beto.j navarro100
Beto.j navarro100 Yesterday, 23:56
😂 wow, these dudes are pretty epic!
Do you think I have a name ??
Do you think I have a name ?? Yesterday, 23:22
Baekhyun and kai 😭🥺💕💕
Kim Youngil
Kim Youngil Yesterday, 23:16
super m forcing ellen to jop is peer pressure
Exo Makes me happy
Exo Makes me happy Yesterday, 23:14
lucas's"wait a minute " got me dead
Isadora Cruz
Isadora Cruz Yesterday, 23:04
These guys are so charismatic
You know BTS?
You know BTS? Yesterday, 22:51
I deadass stared at the thumbnail for 5 mins thinking 'who tf is superM? Isn't that Kai,is this EXO?'Edit: I know who they are now
Meredith Chin
Meredith Chin Yesterday, 22:34
so are all the other kpop groups with these members broken up????
Brenda Gordon
Brenda Gordon Yesterday, 22:30
Joppin, BTS U R SO COOL!!!
Florica Uno
Florica Uno Yesterday, 22:17
Maybe our fandom can be called “Supremes” Get it? SuperM? Supremes?? I think that would be dope. Do you agree?👇🏾
Jon Gashi
Jon Gashi Yesterday, 21:45
ellen BLACKPINK please 🖤💗
Leo Rio
Leo Rio Yesterday, 21:39
Still do not get what this jopping is. They are basically just jumping and kicking the air or what?
Rafaela d'Msp
Rafaela d'Msp Yesterday, 21:27
Supernatural Guy
Supernatural Guy Yesterday, 20:54
Как называется передача ?
Vivi N
Vivi N Yesterday, 20:18
ok, Beakhyun introducing himself as bacon, i am done 😂😂😂
Ana Porto
Ana Porto Yesterday, 20:01
I love them so much! I can't choose one bias ❤
Jiyang Xie 谢济扬 OFFICIAL
Jiyang Xie 谢济扬 OFFICIAL Yesterday, 19:40
Let’s make some noise so SM HEARS us so the fans become Mpire!!!!Who wants to be Mpire👇
Jiyang Xie 谢济扬 OFFICIAL
Jiyang Xie 谢济扬 OFFICIAL Yesterday, 19:38
Seeing Lucas on The Ellen ShowMe: haha
Anushka sawai
Anushka sawai Yesterday, 19:31
Anushka sawai
Anushka sawai Yesterday, 19:29
Look at baby taeyong..... He is way to excited to open his mouth and introduce himself....
Anushka sawai
Anushka sawai Yesterday, 19:28
10 is now my lucky number (OFFICIALLY)
Art Yesterday, 18:53
.. lol i know ima get downvoted but they just.. don't seem.. like a group lol.
SuperM Blackpink taemin Lisa Kai Jennie
SuperM Blackpink taemin Lisa Kai Jennie Yesterday, 18:23
Ellen : Are you all single ?Kai: How difficult question ?