The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Justin Bieber

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central 3 September 2019 21:43
The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres September 15 on Comedy Central. See who will be roasting Alec here:
slideshowgurl Today, 15:17
7:02 just look at the size difference between Shaq and Kevin  🤣
Ignatius Rocky
Ignatius Rocky Today, 15:17
time flies when you are a piece of shit
Liam O’Neil
Liam O’Neil Today, 13:58
Pete’s “you may know ludacris from your moms, now that’s what I call music cd” has to be the most clever joke of the night, that shit was funny
Savannah Turner
Savannah Turner Today, 13:43
Wouldve loved to hear what bill hader had to say to bieber😂😂
HumanDevilGaming Today, 13:17
People hesitate to laugh at Pete Davidson's 9/11 jokes... Why?! You're supposed to laugh and it was god damn hilarious! 🤣
Delphi Lestrange
Delphi Lestrange Today, 12:32
Didn't expect justin destroying them all
TheVideo Makers
TheVideo Makers Today, 11:17
This happend 4 years ago, they uploaded those videos now on yt.....🤨
Joey Silva
Joey Silva Today, 10:34
life is twisted.Martha is so rich even young men would leave their wives if they had a shot with Martha .I know I would pump that ass
Hamburglar v1
Hamburglar v1 Today, 10:26
time flies when you're a piece of shit lol
WolfyLix Today, 08:59
Keving hart is just fucking dying on the corner there, that man is having a grand ol time
Rollin Sixties
Rollin Sixties Today, 08:16
What’s sad is when Martha was talking about the biggest baddest women in prison. You pictured a big black women. Think about that. They don’t call us slaves anymore, they call us criminals/inmates
Kanal4arab كانال فور عرب
Kanal4arab كانال فور عرب Today, 07:29
2:30 drop the mic and go home its done
Ritchie Navarro
Ritchie Navarro Today, 07:12
Justin Bieber is a dick
shiva thapa
shiva thapa Today, 07:06
Mikey Mouse!
Mikey Mouse! Today, 06:55
Pete Davidson is the only person to ever fail a dna test
Rakesh Kumar Singh
Rakesh Kumar Singh Today, 06:25
No hold barred comedy Central.
Soaribb Today, 05:20
Justin be ghostwritting even for roasting
Ben Davies
Ben Davies Today, 04:17
This just proves Americans can't do comedy, fucking awful cunts
Roman’s Vids
Roman’s Vids Today, 03:36
Why the fuck do I keep rewatching this.
flame gaming
flame gaming Today, 03:13
I wish I understood all of the insults!
KiNG CoBrA Today, 02:25
and then america teaching us respect. What the hell is that
Joseph Leonard
Joseph Leonard Today, 02:25
one of the few times i actually liked beiber lol
Joe Towers
Joe Towers Today, 01:44
Of all the people in that dais... Martha Stewart has the most street cred.
Alexa Bessee
Alexa Bessee Today, 01:43
Cool ass salamander is my title now
mrcrazy 2000
mrcrazy 2000 Today, 01:25
so it's ok if celeberties make 9/11 jokes but youtube content creators can't and get demonitized... youtube logic everybody
We are Monsters
We are Monsters Today, 00:55
Why didnt fkn kevin talk😭
Ina Martinez
Ina Martinez Today, 00:50
Justin nailed it
karlajamel Today, 00:46
I love how Snoop Dog is casually hitting a blunt like it’s nothing 😂
Kadri Alo
Kadri Alo Today, 00:39
Shaqel it means round about shape or physique
Martin Fairclough
Martin Fairclough Yesterday, 23:49
Justin b looks so stupid he looks like a shit i did this morning.
Nick Arbaugh
Nick Arbaugh Yesterday, 22:45
RIP to anyone who gets pulled over by shaq 😂
Lily Cortes
Lily Cortes Yesterday, 22:39
10/10 Martha stewart was the best
Smittinator Yesterday, 21:45
Justin still sounds 15 years old.
Smittinator Yesterday, 21:29
I can't believe Pete called Shaq Donkey Kong
Ashlee Knowlton
Ashlee Knowlton Yesterday, 21:08
Damn this was awesome. I can't be the only one who suddenly has a lot more respect for Justin Bieber after this.
caviar fortytwo
caviar fortytwo Yesterday, 20:09
OMG hannibal
محمد علي
محمد علي Yesterday, 19:59
Is that Kate Walsh at 5:35 ?
Taymour Sahabi
Taymour Sahabi Yesterday, 19:32
Look There fake laughs and smiles satanic humans
ҳҲ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Yesterday, 19:21
the only person who’s inhaled more smoke than snoop is Pete Davidson’s dad at the World Trade Center 🤣🤣
10,000 subscribers challenge till 14 February
10,000 subscribers challenge till 14 February Yesterday, 19:14
Imagine eminem was there!
Oscar Grubelic
Oscar Grubelic Yesterday, 19:14
Oh my god I just got Pete’s transition joke My dad died on 9/11Soul plane
Kayla Vernet
Kayla Vernet Yesterday, 19:01
A lot of these are high key racist
Gedi Yesterday, 17:56
So,the kinda body ya have determines your dick size
sara m.
sara m. Yesterday, 17:21
Who spotted Trevor Noah?☺️🎉❤️
Chioma Uruakpa
Chioma Uruakpa Yesterday, 17:14
the laughter here seems so fake ?¿? if muchdank did a compilation it would be so surreal
Abel Yesterday, 16:32
Jim Carrey and Eminem
EternityKX Yesterday, 16:15
That's the best line up in history.. maybe having ice cube there would have been cherry on top
Muerterinio Boiii
Muerterinio Boiii Yesterday, 15:59
this is beautiful
Charlie Finch
Charlie Finch Yesterday, 15:36
What would it be like if Snoop gets clean, it’s impossible to imagine