SpongeBob Cast Remake BEST Scenes EVER In REAL Life 🤪 Happy Birthday, SpongeBob | #TBT

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SpongeBob SquarePants Official
SpongeBob SquarePants Official 4 July 2019 16:01
What scene should we recreate next?! 🍍
Galath Worker of secrets
Galath Worker of secrets Today, 14:52
Stephen would be proud....
Cool Games
Cool Games Today, 14:30
I miss you Stephen hellenberg
Zariah Hawes
Zariah Hawes Today, 14:10
Tom Kenny is all over my recommended
Cadenator17 Mcoc Gamer
Cadenator17 Mcoc Gamer Today, 12:49
Thank you guys so much for spongebob he is my favourite character and show that I grew up with from 2000 - now
kkcroft Today, 12:46
Why does the guy who voices plankton look like the original doc oc from the amazing spider man 2:26
izzy reppart
izzy reppart Today, 12:22
I think plankton is my favorite voice actor though xD
Everything Clair
Everything Clair Today, 11:20
ExzoZombiez corruption
ExzoZombiez corruption Today, 11:14
Is this lip sync.
Landon Lucia
Landon Lucia Today, 10:35
This made me too happy 😂
Akira Baby
Akira Baby Today, 09:54
why do i see it as if the real persons were dubbed?
E_N_I_J_A_H Today, 09:35
I really wanted to see y’all recreate I’m a goofy goober
Bashful Wolfo
Bashful Wolfo Today, 09:23
Ey, this was filmed in my home town. Pretty cool ^^
Kyree Porter
Kyree Porter Today, 09:21
Happy birthday SpongeBob 🎉
ApinyaIC Today, 09:19
this video is my life 😭😂
beatlemaniac2015 Robert Boyd
beatlemaniac2015 Robert Boyd Today, 08:54
This will definitely brighten up anybodys day. Loved this 😂😂😂😂
Kaitlynn Garcia
Kaitlynn Garcia Today, 08:31
0:14I love how he tries to whistle
DominoYT Today, 08:06
i have a feeling thats an actual restaurant
SQidWArd Pineapple
SQidWArd Pineapple Today, 08:02
Spongebob is my absolute fav I watch it like everyday he is so upbeat and funny I love his voice it sounds like my childhood
mia martinez
mia martinez Today, 08:01
i am enjoying this more than i should
Hanin Madhaji
Hanin Madhaji Today, 07:38
my entire recommended is is spongebob and cameron boyce
Happy late birthday spongebob!😁
la4kilk Today, 07:17
I don’t see how he makes spongebobs voise!!!!
Dip Them Chips
Dip Them Chips Today, 06:35
The jar scene is the most iconic ever
Cadence Pieper
Cadence Pieper Today, 06:15
I love spongebob!!!
sauce overflow16
sauce overflow16 Today, 06:13
They all so old
Kenneth Palacios
Kenneth Palacios Today, 05:17
They need the “Imagination 🌈 “ one
Lake Marcelle
Lake Marcelle Today, 04:49
I love spongey the most
134 pjm
134 pjm Today, 04:20
This is so cute 🥺🥺🥺
CS Soccer 11
CS Soccer 11 Today, 04:07
I love spongebob
Jose Steele
Jose Steele Today, 03:39
Man, when I seen they were making a birthday episode, I got really hyped. ESPECIALLY when I seen Tom kenny
Squads Vlogs
Squads Vlogs Today, 02:39
Why did I start tearing up 😭
KeK The guy
KeK The guy Today, 02:39
What if spongebob was only live action and in sponge out of water and big birthday blowout had him going to the animated world
Yarielis Hernandez
Yarielis Hernandez Today, 02:36
At that same moment I am watching this in the background the birthday blowout was playing!😄
Lauren Marsland
Lauren Marsland Today, 01:59
i want those patrick shorts so bad 🤩🤩
PrincessQueen Aisha
PrincessQueen Aisha Today, 01:36
Season 7 and up is absolute trash
Isa's Happy Hour
Isa's Happy Hour Today, 01:08
The order here sign has the same font as the woody rocket sign
Drunken Hedgeie
Drunken Hedgeie Today, 00:39
5:19 they don’t do that anymore 😭
Mrbatman Yesterday, 23:57
When squidward is shorter than spongebob and patrick in real life
Glitchy Rose
Glitchy Rose Yesterday, 23:15
My mind at 3am: 4:04
Nicolai R.
Nicolai R. Yesterday, 22:39
When was this actually made?
•Nichster •
•Nichster • Yesterday, 22:23
You should have did are you feeling it now mr.krabs
Melissa Tarrant
Melissa Tarrant Yesterday, 21:48
their nick levels over 9000
Sub crib e
Sub crib e Yesterday, 21:26
Is this for kids?
TTVgood win
TTVgood win Yesterday, 20:48
1:05 Tom Kenny?😒
FANSAREMYCATS Yesterday, 20:25
Best day ever
Maxerhex Yesterday, 20:06
I just got bombed.Bombed by a squirrel.
Louders de corazón.
Louders de corazón. Yesterday, 19:44
2:25 OMG.... Liam gallagher
Rosanne Marks
Rosanne Marks Yesterday, 18:07