Audrey’s Royal Return 💅🏼 I Short Story I Descendants 3

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Disney Descendants
Disney Descendants 26 June 2019 02:41
Audrey: ☕️ ☕️ ☕️
Chrisanne Today, 15:00
Anyone else getting Sharpay Evans vibes from her lolll
Icis Shaver
Icis Shaver Today, 14:39
I agree with Audrey I love her rn especially the roast 😂😂 😂😂😂
ii_NellaxZone Today, 12:47
I think the day after this video was uploaded cameron boyce died. RIP
Dream Blue
Dream Blue Today, 10:48
Rip Carmeron
LunaGaming- Today, 10:43
I already miss Cameron
Cleo's Subliminal's
Cleo's Subliminal's Today, 10:13
she basically summed up descendants 1&2 without lifting a finger XD
Valeria Morales
Valeria Morales Today, 09:40
Shes mean
Valeria Morales
Valeria Morales Today, 09:40
No! Audrey
[Livvyz Channel] ‘
[Livvyz Channel] ‘ Today, 09:17
On the thumbnail it look like Aubrey wig is poppin off😂💀
RIAH & NIYA Today, 08:54
Aurbrey and Mal looks are fire but I have a feel descendants 3 finna be very interesting.
Azel Navarro
Azel Navarro Today, 08:08
So disrespectful how many shoes were ruined 🤣🤣
sophia Young
sophia Young Today, 07:50
I lov3 Audrey so awsome
Oofer Pleb
Oofer Pleb Today, 07:22
Theres no descendants 4....
PANDA PANDA Today, 07:08
PANDA PANDA Today, 07:04
Audrey: But of course she fell back in to magic again and lied AGAIN!
vals game world
vals game world Today, 06:53
The worker is all like idc no ofense
Maddie Pound
Maddie Pound Today, 06:25
Audrey:More dancingMe:Like you can dance better
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones Today, 06:12
Audrey is me
angel kina
angel kina Today, 05:54
I had goosebumps when I saw Audrey's new look 💖. I am excited for the movie. 💖💖love Cameron and can't wait to see him on Descendants 3❤️❤️
FAME PEEPS Today, 05:32
this was released on the day Cameron died :(
Quam Lawal
Quam Lawal Today, 04:32
You ask what dose king Ben have to do with bad girls what do you have to do with royal man you don’t deserve chad or any other man
Liam Green
Liam Green Today, 04:29
I love the way they took inspiration from the original sleeping beauty dress
TaeTae Lynx
TaeTae Lynx Today, 04:10
i see myself crying watching D3😧
Chatty kathy
Chatty kathy Today, 03:21
And then at the end of the video she dresses like mal 🤔
berry days
berry days Today, 03:15
who would know that cameron boyce would die on my birthday while i was having the time of my life :( RIP 1999-2019 :(
FatSardine Today, 03:06
Imagine Audrey walking and slips in mud right after her whole makeover ...WELL THAT WAS FOR NOTHING
JusticeGachaGirl Today, 01:28
I have a question do you need anyone for desendents 4 I would love to be in it
Rodrigo Edison Hancco Rojas
Rodrigo Edison Hancco Rojas Today, 00:18
Se tenía que hacerse eso
Mark Brickson
Mark Brickson Today, 00:18
Audrey: And then Maleficent showed up and turned into a dragon inside the place! Have they no shame?!
Elizabeth Mallin
Elizabeth Mallin Yesterday, 23:50
People are saying “I can’t watch this” even though Cameron Boyce is in it. Do you think he’d want you guys to stop watching his stuff? I don’t think so. He was a talented young man, so watch his last movie and remember how great he was.
Annalia unicorn Dreams
Annalia unicorn Dreams Yesterday, 23:32
Why can’t her Fairy god mothers just do her hair
oofItsNatalie Gacha
oofItsNatalie Gacha Yesterday, 23:16
who else is watching the live
Anna Gerald
Anna Gerald Yesterday, 23:13
Wahwahboi Gaming
Wahwahboi Gaming Yesterday, 22:56
Are u guys recasting Carlos because of what happened with Cameron Boyce 😭😭😭😭😭😭 he was my favourite Disney actor
Jenn W
Jenn W Yesterday, 22:48
Actually Evie Jay and Charlos let Ben get kidnapped
Carmella Money
Carmella Money Yesterday, 22:39
I love you Cameron to the moon and back ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I always will
Jang Kyungsoo
Jang Kyungsoo Yesterday, 21:20
I don't know if I can watch descendants 3 without feeling the pain because of Cameron 😭. Still broken hearted and in denial
AudioLemon48912 Yesterday, 21:14
The new Audrey is just a copy of mal
Emmanuel Folarin
Emmanuel Folarin Yesterday, 20:50
the best co-actor in disney channel we all love you bro
Hungry Books
Hungry Books Yesterday, 20:49
How many people realize that she dyed her hair blond and change her outfit to a pink gawn/dress and she look like Aurora in the og cartoon.She is blond, her dress was look almost the same (pink dress version not the blue dress one) check out 6:55
Emmanuel Folarin
Emmanuel Folarin Yesterday, 20:48
cameron boyce gone early and never forgotten 1999-2019
Emmanuel Folarin
Emmanuel Folarin Yesterday, 20:46
rip cameron boyce i love you bro
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman Yesterday, 19:48
This is SO funny.
Lol lover girls Love
Lol lover girls Love Yesterday, 18:12
Audrey tell all people Business 😤😤😤
Clarkie Girl Strawb
Clarkie Girl Strawb Yesterday, 18:07
Audrey u like the boots? I still love Descendants tho
Brylie Johnson
Brylie Johnson Yesterday, 18:03
Audrey had tea 🍵 😂 also who made the wigs cause.... fire them😂
Rachel Bromley
Rachel Bromley Yesterday, 17:39
Audrey popped off at the end😍
LedriVula Fan
LedriVula Fan Yesterday, 17:32
4 hearts as one i am crying miss you Cameron 😢😢❤️
Hi How Are Ya
Hi How Are Ya Yesterday, 17:31
Audrey omgggg❤️✨ this one has a lot of ☕️