Home Alone literally makes no sense...

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Kelsey Owens
Kelsey Owens Today, 09:45
if there were 18 months.. and this posted in that month:18/18/18
Jacob Wilsson
Jacob Wilsson Today, 09:17
6:51 Answer: Field testing. That's the just of it. He needed to test how the situation worked to make it work in the real situation...
ItsMe Jadaaa
ItsMe Jadaaa Today, 08:38
I watch home alone, every single year. Home Alone is my SHITTT.
Jayvyn Sheppard
Jayvyn Sheppard Today, 06:44
4:10 That was their income. 5:51 That's the 90s
Jayvyn Sheppard
Jayvyn Sheppard Today, 06:33
I've seen this movie a few times, and it is so crazy.
Joaquin Gullatt
Joaquin Gullatt Yesterday, 20:19
Home alone is one of my favorite Christmas movies
jose luis esquivias otazu
jose luis esquivias otazu Yesterday, 01:21
Trus me ive seen worts
Benslice526 Davidson
Benslice526 Davidson 17 July 2019 19:23
This video makes no sense. He just goes over the movie and then says "NoThInG mAkEs SenSe
Ricardo Ramon
Ricardo Ramon 17 July 2019 15:33
A lot of people like home alone but I don't really like it ,it makes no sense and also it's boring
FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic
FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic 17 July 2019 11:38
This was my childhood
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 17 July 2019 06:46
Christmas in July. They're even doing it right now. 😂
Pug Mariah
Pug Mariah 16 July 2019 23:26
"Its my fursona dad, you don't understand!" LOLLLL
CluelessGirl8 16 July 2019 18:49
Omg! Zipline of time travel😂😂
FluFflE WaRrioR44
FluFflE WaRrioR44 16 July 2019 12:01
Am I the only one that never really liked the movie? I never liked Kevin or his family. I always got so bored watching this movie that i never saw the end. Never
Sarah McFarlane
Sarah McFarlane 16 July 2019 07:15
Am I the only one that really got free tootsie pops?
siraj khan
siraj khan 15 July 2019 18:00
What an irresponsible family? They left their baby alone for 3 freaking movies
CYGachaUniKat LOL
CYGachaUniKat LOL 15 July 2019 09:33
My parents hired a babysitter for me and my bro (even tho we were old enough to look after ourselves) and they ended up getting the babysitter at the wrong time so when they came we were all like :/ woooooooooooot
Call_Me_Fabi 15 July 2019 03:12
CPS is coming
Lulu Coolz
Lulu Coolz 14 July 2019 16:30
Maybe all 90s kids are children of Hephaestus, right?Did any of the Percy J. fans here get it? Oh wait, there are none :cComment if you are.
Transformers fan 1000
Transformers fan 1000 14 July 2019 07:14
Do Godzilla 1998
Greydis Maldonado
Greydis Maldonado 14 July 2019 02:53
The old man kinda looks like pewdiepie
_frisk_ gaming and drawing
_frisk_ gaming and drawing 13 July 2019 16:48
There furry parts are so funny
Odilija Budreckytė
Odilija Budreckytė 13 July 2019 15:39
Watch home alone 2, 3, 4 and 5 too
i think i'm a meanie
i think i'm a meanie 13 July 2019 09:18
When I was little, I thought that Kevin's family hating him feels kind of ridiculous and impossible.But as I grew older and hears Kevin that his family hates him, I felt that.
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch 12 July 2019 23:53
Home Alone defined my generation as well, that's my favourite Christmas movie it's so funny
Jadyn Sykes
Jadyn Sykes 12 July 2019 21:58
Oh my god there are so many oversights in this movie I never noticed 😂
Hailey Dubea
Hailey Dubea 12 July 2019 02:46
“And realize he’s... Home Alone... oooooooh” Me an intelligent: CinemaSins voice ROOOOOOLLLLLLLL CREDITS!!
Evelinejaveline Ganthler
Evelinejaveline Ganthler 12 July 2019 02:18
My teacher get my Class Tootsie Roll pops and then said If you get a Native American Tootsie Roll pop you get a free Tootsie Roll pop and like nobody ever gets one like literally they lie to us
Just iSneaky
Just iSneaky 12 July 2019 00:22
You don’t know what war you just started
Silly Kitten
Silly Kitten 11 July 2019 23:12
I'd say that my favorite Christmas movie is Daddy's Home 2
Beckett LaVigne
Beckett LaVigne 11 July 2019 23:00
You don’t make any sene
Jenessa Jeyabalasingam
Jenessa Jeyabalasingam 11 July 2019 22:38
can you please make a video on Full House of Friends
Ca-Jen Grootherder
Ca-Jen Grootherder 11 July 2019 22:07
His parents are the WORST
Tais K
Tais K 11 July 2019 19:40
5:10 I'm literally home alone watching YouTube all day ummmmmmm maybe I should go destroy some stuff
black Wolf Prinz
black Wolf Prinz 11 July 2019 14:03
that boy is the reason why the name kevin is really unpopular in germanyand everyone with that name is outomaticly judged as a compleate idiot/ asshole or strange dudeedit: I myself only know kevin's that are like that its like everyone expect them to be like that so they dont even try to be better than that
urahara64360 11 July 2019 11:14
I'm not sure why they didn't call the house besides the mom not being able to on the road and the rest waiting in the airport. The rest of the block is supposed to be gone though.
Ian Swanson
Ian Swanson 11 July 2019 08:09
I've never seen home alone but what the fuck is this movie!
megahead Ex
megahead Ex 11 July 2019 07:31
This my all time favorite movie plus home alone
Izzy GS
Izzy GS 11 July 2019 03:18
You should see "Elf"
Valerie Torrence
Valerie Torrence 11 July 2019 01:00
Dude, the mom walks in and just stands there and says merry Christmas! Shouldn't she have been running to him? Wrap her arms around the child she FORGOT?? Of course not. Because they are crappy parents!
thelonelykoalas -
thelonelykoalas - 10 July 2019 23:14
3:05 dungeons are upstairs???
Animation Station
Animation Station 10 July 2019 19:54
Alex: Everythings fine they forget one thing-Ad: VISA
FortKnight 10 July 2019 16:05
Home Alone might not make since but it’ll always be a classic
Epic Gork Dirk Mork
Epic Gork Dirk Mork 10 July 2019 08:56
At least this movie didn’t make every 7 year old girl on the Halloween of 2016 wear the same costume from the same movie
Kanoni lane
Kanoni lane 10 July 2019 07:41
8:02 oof dat pause
AbstractSatyr45 10 July 2019 05:09
when i was 11 I love all the home alone's
gamingwithJeremiah HN
gamingwithJeremiah HN 10 July 2019 03:34
Rip chamron boyce
Hannah Fraser
Hannah Fraser 9 July 2019 20:22
The nightmare before Christmas is other Christmas movie /Halloween kinda
Bongi Sebape
Bongi Sebape 9 July 2019 19:18
Your videos always crack me up💀
Aria Song
Aria Song 9 July 2019 19:16
Die Hard is a Christmas movie