Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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DAK TOE Today, 13:16
The last skit was gold lmao
Aaron Conaway
Aaron Conaway Today, 13:09
I seriously cancelled an order while watching this lol
LesPaul2006 Today, 13:07
Yep, there goes every bit of my desire to buy from Amazon ever again.
Andy Ion
Andy Ion Today, 12:11
was that Ryan Reynolds in the parody video?
Eden H
Eden H Today, 11:05
I was obsessed with Amazon until now using Robots piss me off the most.
31FilmTalk Today, 10:45
My dad ordered an Echo on Prime Day. It did not get here within 2 days as per his Prime account. Amazon said it will not get to his house until next week. They apologized. My dad said what's the point of PRIME day if my PRIME account doesn't seem to get me what I wanted with the benefits I'm paying for? Amazon said they're sorry, they have had increased sales that they cannot keep up with. My dad said WASN'T THAT THE POINT OF PRIME DAY? YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU WEREN'T READY TO FULFILL YOUR PROMISE? Looks like this is the harsh reality. I feel bad for those warehouse workers who probably almost killed themselves and still didn't get my dad is Echo in 2 days. Big company Amazon promising all the best, and not delivering on either end.
crackeyify Today, 10:32
Last week tonight is the greatest show of all time thank u
Daniel De Oliveira
Daniel De Oliveira Today, 09:26
Something about some of his jokes.... They’re like dad jokes... but professionally written
James Today, 08:14
Executive Producer:Dick Wolf
MrFreeagent505 Today, 07:51
Amazon doesn't pay taxes they got something like 160 million back last year.
Miss Neon
Miss Neon Today, 06:58
I low-key get really mad when I order something and select shipping so it will come in four or five days but then it's at my door the next morning. Makes me feel like my effort to not rush a package was wasted. Even more ridiculous, I recently ordered something on two-day rush because I legitimately needed it right away. It came in two days, got a refund from Amazon because it was "late." Like . . . I'm not out here expecting things to fall into my hands as soon as I click order and I wish that was the standard. If a package takes two days to come, it takes two days to come. What do I care.
Teresa FielekeBrooks
Teresa FielekeBrooks Today, 06:03
Bezos only raised the minimum wage last year because he was feeling the Bern.
Eric Amanda Lewis
Eric Amanda Lewis Today, 05:57
yet people continue to work there...
Mark Zimmerman
Mark Zimmerman Today, 05:25
0:45 as a Z, I find that offensive.
Joshua Willner
Joshua Willner Today, 05:25
What happened to John Oliver? I don’t see a new one or haven’t for a while?
Lauren Wasinger
Lauren Wasinger Today, 05:07
If you need next day delivery of oreos, you need to get in your car and drive to the store.
aamidjaythreepointoh Today, 02:35
I want John to acknowledge how cutting and intense his jokes are; just once. I mean, euthanasia of bankrupt retailers’ employees... damn
Devrelle Ashtian
Devrelle Ashtian Today, 02:05
Damn that “try not to think about it” hit me right in the gut.
P M Today, 01:19
Godonstilts Today, 00:07
Lazy scummy, ratty, crappy workers. If you can't hack the damned job, gtfo. Or bettter yet, stick with it and let people like me sack you and get someone better. Stop complaining, and just keep packing. If it were up to me, I WOULD PAY YOU LESS!! Yeha, get that around your lazy ass scummy ways. I can't wait until Trump steps in and sorts y'all out.
ForgottenOnes Today, 00:00
I have a video about my own experiences at warehouses and my experience at amazonPweeeeease click my face and go to my video about warehouses 🌈🥰🥰🥰💵💵
Guillermo Casanova
Guillermo Casanova Yesterday, 23:16
17:14Oliver explains surplus value, a necessary element for capitalism to work. The accumulation enjoyed by Bezos by earnings from surplus value is not a glitch or a computer error in capitalism. Is the very element that allows accumulation, and we know this since XIXth century.
Ax Death
Ax Death Yesterday, 22:44
My last amazon purchase was 2day, it took 8. Custserv did NOT care AT ALL.
Ax Death
Ax Death Yesterday, 22:40
I suggested that Stepstool thing to Sears. I went through some dozen levels of middle management trying to point out the 350lb 9 foot long toolboxes shouldnt be stacked 12 feet high in the trucks.deaf ears.
Robert Gregic
Robert Gregic Yesterday, 22:37
So glad I've never used Amazon e-commerce nor both anything through them.
MissingNO 000
MissingNO 000 Yesterday, 22:21
There is no ethical consuption under capitalism John, this is no glitch this is just capitalismn doing its thing
F_ Yesterday, 22:06
Trickle down capitalism: The more worth the company creates, the less worth are its workers. I'll never get why one needs to order from the internet in the quantities some people seem to do it. But it sure is hard getting around amazon for international buys from asia etc.
Shenruss Yesterday, 21:38
immediate delivery of products, possibility of injury, robots that fuck up everything... so wait... Amazon is a real life ACME then?
junior ali
junior ali Yesterday, 21:24
Me: hello i have a problemi am being charge for amazonprime and i dont have any idea about thisYou are now connected to Bhupinder from Amazon.comBhupinder: Hello, my name is Bhupinder. I'm here to help you today.Me: why i am being charge for primeBhupinder: I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.Me: without my permissionBhupinder: On checking the details I can see that you're being charged for prime subscription which is currently active on your account.Me: i never sign up for primeBhupinder: You've been using it past fyear.You've been using it since 2018.Me: but why my account is being chargei had cancelled that thingand who say that you can charge my account with my permissionBhupinder: It was cancelled in the last year , and again gets activated on December 13, 2018 and then keeps on auto renewing.Me: i want a refund this a ripoffi cancelled because i dont want itBhupinder: Please be assured I'm here to help you and I'll fix this for sure.Me: i want a refundBhupinder: We only have the option to process the refund for a month.However I'll check for some exception for sure.Me: you can't take money out of my account with out my permission with auto renew that is robberyits seven monthsBhupinder: We never do so.Without your authorization it won't happen.Me: i never ok a payment with my cardBhupinder: Also I'll not be able to process your refund for more than one month.Me: i don't know of itBhupinder: It happens sometimes you don't remember.Me: get to someone elseBhupinder: This is the best I can do as a front line agent and within my limitations.Me: every month since January my account is been charge with out my knowledgeget me to someone elseBhupinder: I've already asked them.Me: hear what i am been charge with out my permission and you say i can't get my money backi need my moneyBhupinder: Like I informed you earlier as well. We never charge you without your confirmation.Its only you who authorized your card to get charged and subscribe for the service.Me: i did't used my card since January so how come i am been chargeBhupinder: Its an auto renewable process for the prime subscription and it get activated only from your side and consent.Me: send me where i consent.its keep charging meauto renewyou taking my money with out my knowledgeBhupinder: I'm sorry but we never do that nor does it comes under our policy.Everything is transparent and genuine.Me: auto renew and taking moneyyou should send notification to get permission to continuewhich part of auto renew and taking money from my account without conforming with mei want my seven month refundBhupinder: I wish I can do that for you.But as a front line agent its not possible for me.Me: then tell me how i canthey have to get a wayBhupinder: It can't be done as its not in our policy.Me: it your policy to take money from my account with me enter my pinwith out my pinBhupinder is typing... SendBhupinder from Amazon.com is typing Secure Connection.
junior ali
junior ali Yesterday, 21:24
amazon is charging people with auto renew prime without your permission
Cole Sandick
Cole Sandick Yesterday, 21:20
Ladies and gentlemen, “free markets.”
Darris Hawks
Darris Hawks Yesterday, 21:12
Amazon also "raised the wage" at the cost of benefits, so they didn't actually do anything there
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Yesterday, 20:50
You know what's funny? That it's the way socialists choose to buy while living in capitalist countries. But don't think about it...
legend123ify Yesterday, 20:37
Hey John Oliver do you have anything to say about area 51
n9nebraker Yesterday, 18:29
Amazon warehouse has also driven up the prices of homes and rent,Bernie Sanders was the man that got the workers to $15 and hr still that's not enough.
Patrick Donovan
Patrick Donovan Yesterday, 18:10
Damn right I need my oreos that fast.
Tenzin Dhedan
Tenzin Dhedan Yesterday, 17:12
Think about Oreo before you order it online whether you really need it by Tom! I will remember that! Thank you For making me realize! 👋🙌🏽
Lukas Björn Endermann
Lukas Björn Endermann Yesterday, 15:07
Where is the new video
Danger_HD Yesterday, 13:20
I ordered a realy heavy chair on Prime Day.. and it arrived on the next day, 5 days earlier then promised. I just hope nobody had to die for that. And also it got a hole in the cushion so i will send it back. More work for Amazon Employees but what should i fucking do about it?
Baelor Mournfang
Baelor Mournfang Yesterday, 12:20
Thanks for messing up Zazu, you moron!
issac hernandez
issac hernandez Yesterday, 07:05
So, basically warehouses are the new call centers...
Emil Koch
Emil Koch Yesterday, 07:01
If all of the amazon workers around the country/world walked out on their warehouse tomorrow, and for a full week then that's when Bezos would have to pay attention. Jeff Bezos comes across as elitist and arrogant. He steps on the little guy. No bathroom break really?? What a joke......You can't run a big business without workers...
Steven Saraiva
Steven Saraiva Yesterday, 05:42
That sounds like working for targets stockroom
Elaine Alibrandi
Elaine Alibrandi Yesterday, 04:08
Why don't they assign employees a small section of the warehouse? Then they would only have to retrieve items that are within a reasonable walking distance.
Hieronymus Pseudonymous
Hieronymus Pseudonymous Yesterday, 03:53
Amazon video: "We are not anti-union. We are not neutral on unions.We are not pro-union." Your head: Asplodes (dead memes are the best).
ShaunieBNaturalista Yesterday, 02:51
Wow. Devastating. We've been doing it to people in other countries for years. Entrepreneurship is the answer. Leave the corporate game behind. If they can't find workers, they'll change.
Curtis Farmer
Curtis Farmer Yesterday, 02:33
I hear people say unions were needed in the past but not anymore, because Im a proud Union worker. As long as we have the current form of capitalism, we need unions.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot Yesterday, 02:06
If you don't like working in a warehouse, look for another job. All of this whining is pathetic.
Ethan Degregory
Ethan Degregory Yesterday, 01:50
At this point with Amazon I think employees will be glad that robots take there jobs
GreyOverlord74 Yesterday, 01:31
Amazon paying nothing in taxes and actually getting a tax REFUND "Look, whether you're a capitalist or socialist... That's fucked up." - Seth Meyers