Descendants doesn't make any sense...

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AAurora King Erra
AAurora King Erra Today, 00:17
Mulan's daughter did not do her parents justice...
• Érrørs •
• Érrørs • Yesterday, 23:53
It doesn’t make any sense cause dove Cameron is in this. And she the cringe queen why don’t we all agree on that don’t we?
Maya Wright
Maya Wright Yesterday, 23:39
The only part that annoyed me is when he said island of the lost its isle of the lost lol
Nova M.
Nova M. Yesterday, 23:20
Let's just call it like it is: Descendants is a Disney Highschool AU and Alternate Universe - Modern Setting fanfic.
Shawn Jay
Shawn Jay Yesterday, 22:47
6:45 I’ve never felt this Awkward over a movie seen😂😂😂
Destinee S.
Destinee S. Yesterday, 22:33
You should do Descendants 2😍❤
Queen Of Hidden Snow
Queen Of Hidden Snow Yesterday, 22:24
OMG, the amount of kids bashing on him in here is ridiculous.
Thanos_Needs_A_Haircut Yesterday, 22:20
nickelodeon are for those crop top girls smh
Noodles Sama
Noodles Sama Yesterday, 22:19
well u gotta believe in your heart and soul in order for it to work :D
Amauri Crockett
Amauri Crockett Yesterday, 22:15
I makes sense
NagisaxKarma Ship!!!
NagisaxKarma Ship!!! Yesterday, 22:03
Please complain about the percy jackson movies
Kid In Your Class
Kid In Your Class Yesterday, 21:57
A Jim looking for his pam
Sophie’s Trash
Sophie’s Trash Yesterday, 21:48
0:59 cough cough Tina fey
• Nutella _ Chan •
• Nutella _ Chan • Yesterday, 21:47
When I read the title I thought: IKR?! XD
Vinnilie Plays
Vinnilie Plays Yesterday, 21:43
Omg descendants was my JAM oof
Gabby H
Gabby H Yesterday, 21:21
Plzzz do sharpays fabulous adventure!!!!!
cynicalholland Yesterday, 21:08
when he said “because i’m listening to my heart” i actually said ‘ew’ out loud
K T Yesterday, 20:50
If I was still 8 years old I would be screaming at him
Sapphire Squirtle
Sapphire Squirtle Yesterday, 20:09
wiggles eyebrowsHow you feeling... bro
Xenos Blackflame
Xenos Blackflame Yesterday, 19:37
Yo Alex, which video has that little song at the end you threw together about whats the point" lol its driving me nuttts
Beast Of Edelwood
Beast Of Edelwood Yesterday, 18:35
I never realized how gay the scene with Carlos and the dog owner is
The_superior_nugget Yesterday, 17:26
awww dude you almost got layed wow dude F
Ricardo Alcalá
Ricardo Alcalá Yesterday, 16:49
The second part the second part im suscribing
Nbauzba anizan
Nbauzba anizan Yesterday, 16:32
Here in Brazil we have a weird thing about this movieBen in portuguese is "bem" = goodMal = evil (in pt br "mal" and "mau" are 2 different words with the same sound)
Emely Delgado
Emely Delgado Yesterday, 16:32
Can you make a other video about the descendants2
deathberry__ Yesterday, 16:29
Ilove Astro
Ilove Astro Yesterday, 16:26
DUDE, it is 2019 and you are just now making Descendants what about Descendants 2 and soon coming Descendants 3!!
Nbauzba anizan
Nbauzba anizan Yesterday, 16:10
What they don't know is that the island was recorded in Brazil
crazy steve
crazy steve Yesterday, 15:55
Melifecent ended up good in the malificent and gets her wings back but in decendance she is evil and has no wings and how did all the evil people end up in one island like if u agree
Vicky Lang
Vicky Lang Yesterday, 15:53
So the island of the lost is Alcatraz but it includes kids
Whipped Cream Supreme
Whipped Cream Supreme Yesterday, 15:46
Descendants is basically a tumblr fanfic about the Disney versions of old fairytales that got published, Disney said “eh alright” and spawned this without paying attention. Damn Disney
Gracekim1 Yesterday, 15:41
Still hate Audrey 😅
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson Yesterday, 14:28
Went from being Glinda The Good Witch to Maleficent.
Sally Yuh
Sally Yuh Yesterday, 12:39
Descendants is just a Ever After High ripoff
Terrence Walker
Terrence Walker Yesterday, 12:00
Decendants is a good movie but the story to the movie is like who wrote this a 12 year old
Terrence Walker
Terrence Walker Yesterday, 11:59
Teen beach movie was da shit me n my sis watch dat everyday it aired
Thanatos1991 Yesterday, 11:45
Hey, fun fact: In mediaval times, Kings ACTUALLY were elected (meaning from ca. 500 until ca. 1500). I don't know the actual details about these elections, but the candidates were only allowed to be certain aristocrats and only a certain range of aristocrats were allowed to vote.I highly doubt this movie knew about this though....
Deranged Crouton
Deranged Crouton Yesterday, 11:15
6:17 hahahahahaha... hahahaha I'm fucking wheezing man
nikki omidvari
nikki omidvari Yesterday, 10:38
Fuck you it makes total sense
Chrispy Boom2
Chrispy Boom2 Yesterday, 10:25
Chrispy Boom2
Chrispy Boom2 Yesterday, 10:25
I like this movie. It's my favourite Disney movie!
Breanna bug
Breanna bug Yesterday, 09:59
This was the most amazing video I've ever watched 😂😂😂
Venezia Bregozzo
Venezia Bregozzo Yesterday, 09:58
I SAW YOUR DAD CHEATING Yesterday, 09:28
you only saw the first don't know whats coming for you Alex
Silleta Sorenson
Silleta Sorenson Yesterday, 08:50
Fairy godmother reminds me of Umbridge from Harry Potter
UnKnxwn Sings
UnKnxwn Sings Yesterday, 08:19
Why you hating🤣😑😡😒
Kai Reed
Kai Reed Yesterday, 06:30
Life doesn't make sense either but yet here we are
Shadow Girl
Shadow Girl Yesterday, 06:15
Maleficent: I'M BAAAAAACK
Shauneese Armbrister
Shauneese Armbrister Yesterday, 06:08
U missed the real reason y its dumb. Because how was any of the villains are supposed 2 have offspring if most of them died in their original stories. N y is every Disney character a narcissist 2 give their child a name similar 2 theirs
kpop be k- popping!
kpop be k- popping! Yesterday, 05:36